IMG_9263Kindred Spirits. Two words that perfectly sum up our close and supportive relationship. For the past 15 years, we have been each other’s biggest cheerleader, emotional rock, constructive critic and artistic inspiration. That’s why with the idea to turn our shared passion for photography into a career, we knew we had to make it a reality together.  Our goal is to capture the moments that matter most to you, and turn them into memories that will last a lifetime.

Welcome to Jade and Jen Photography – team work to make your dream work.

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We have been best friends since the beginning of high school. People have always commented on how much alike we are, look alike and think alike … so basically we are the same person. Naturally, it only made sense to start a photography business together! Luckily we have amazing and supportive husbands that put up with our craziness. We love to travel and have been on many trips together. We have been to South Africa, Australia, Fiji just to name a few; but our most beloved place to travel is to Hawaii. In fact, we have been 3 times together and each time is better than the last. We think this is where our love of photography was heightened as every where you turn there is another picturesque shot to be taken.

Canada Pooch-1As well as our love for photography we are both incredibly fond of our dogs. The twins Whinnie (left) Willy (right) were rescued from Louie’s Legacy in Cincinnati, Ohio last valentines day. Remy who is in the middle may be little but is definitely mighty! These three pups are our models and our photography mascots.